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Kay Wade


a bird sitting on a tree branch

Summer Sound 

Every morning, birds of all feathers welcome a New Day as predawn light creeps over the eastern horizon. Their songs are an orchestra: layers of sound, unique to each species, simultaneous, clear, and loud. Mates call and answer. Cardinals, blue jays, fish crows, sparrows, finches, wrens… all offering salutations to the rising sun. Then one by one they wing away in search of breakfast, and thickets fall silent but for mourning doves and vireos. Mid-morning, a family of house finches arrive to jostle and fuss at the feeder. Mid-day, a barred owl calls, twice, from deep in the ravine, and on cue, cicada buzz permeates this still, dry air. Early evening, cricket chirps offer relief from the drone of cicadas. This first week of summer vibrates with sounds of nature.. ~K
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