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Brooks Wade

a dog sitting in the water

There is so much to write about this week, it’s hard to narrow it down to the few words allowed me here. After all, it’s Mica’s birthday on Sunday. The company ship’s dog will be a sporty 10 years old. Nearly born on a boat, that dog. Then there is the Wood thrush that sang away at first light a day or two ago. Just two trees out from our porch, I’ve never had one sing to me so closely. The song of summer wildness, it’s indescribably beautiful. What a way to start the day. But the big news this week is USAToday declared Lake Jocassee as the most swimmable lake in America. My obvious question is, what took them so long? As anyone who has ever swam in this lake on a hot summer day knows, it’s transformative. Sublime, crystal clear, nearly alchemical. You feel somehow cleaner and softer after just one submersion. If there is one reason Kay and I moved here oh so many years ago now, it is from our first swim in Jocassee. Here’s the link to the USATODAY article.

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