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Brooks Wade

a body of water

I’m 1300 miles from home, and it’s July. I know, it’s hard to believe, but I’ve  been there in July  every year for 14 years! So my darling wife and dedicated crew released me to go just hang out with loons for a few days-in northern WI- me and the mosquitos that is. Just hang out with loons for a few days was my plan, not watch a mortal battle for breeding grounds between a family of loons with 2 chicks and an interloping intruder. Such battles can lead to death and infanticide. Suffice it to say it was intense. It was a life and death battle that was not resolved for a full four hours, and me and  my little boat were right in the middle of it. For four full hours. What a way to spend a few days away from home just hanging out with loons. ~B

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