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Kay Wade

a large body of water

Puttering along

Slow down, you move too fast. Your wake leaves Lake Jocassee less tranquil. You’ll miss the nuance of the inimitable beauty of Jocassee, rushing as you do from waterfall to waterfall. Rediscover the lost art of puttering. These rocks tell stories, but you have to go slow and be quiet to hear them. Living things – sometimes the rarest of the rare – are everywhere around you, living lives we can but wonder about, and marvel. Slow down. Look, and look closer. Turn off that radio and listen. There’s music in the water, there’s music in the wind, there’s music in the forest birds that sing throughout the day.  When you slow down, and look, and listen, the magic of Jocassee will flow through you as a healing balm. And you too may say “Life, I love you, and all is groovy.” ~K  (reprinted from 2023. Sorry folks, but it’s been kind of a busy week!)

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