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Sheryl White

a waterfall with trees on the side of a mountain

Wednesday morning, as we approached the dam, we watched a large raptor climb and dip repeatedly like a kite on a string.  Assuming at first it was a juvenile eagle, we  realized as we got closer, it was an osprey.  Within minutes, a second one soared up from the Keowee side of the dam, being chased by a crow.  We watched in amusement as the smaller, persistent crow managed to chase off one osprey.  Farther up lake, as we came into Laurel Fork Falls (and unaware that I was listening), an 11 year old boy with an enchanted smile on his face, told his grandmother; “Wow… all my senses are engaged!  I can hear it, smell it, taste it, see it falling and feel it on my skin but it’s like I can just sense it too!”  Even though I always get a thrill as I bring people into the grotto to the base of  the Falls, experiencing it through this child’s eyes and words was the highlight of my day! ~Sheryl White, JLT Naturalist guide.

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