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January 29, 2024

a bird flying over a body of water


Have I mentioned rain lately? Earlier in the fall I thought we were entering a drought cycle, something that seems to happen around here every decade or two. The lake was over 10 feet down, and I thought we were in for a dry, very low lake winter. Not so! The rains are copious, and all the upper savannah river watershed lakes are full to the brim. We are a rainforest neighborhood, after all, and winter is the recharge period. I’m not so sure the loons are crazy about it. Surely bait fish hide easier when the lake creeps into the forest edge, but so be it. They can’t leave us now even if they wanted to. They’ve shed their flight feathers and remain flightless for the next few weeks. And we’ve shed our flight feathers too. Time to stay home for a nice long spell, keeping the loons company. ~B

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