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a large body of water


This is winter along the base of the Blue Wall. We pull on boots, hats, jackets and raincoats to walk the dog. During our recent absence, gray squirrels decided our nice dry front porch was their nice dry front porch, and they’ve chewed through the hard plastic lid of the bird seed bucket, helping themselves to several gallons of expensive sunflower seed. Worse, they’ve left annoying bloody-looking puddles on the porch floor. Birds are picking through empty hulls the squirrels left behind, so maybe they’re annoyed, too. It’s so gray and wet outside that the gravel driveway squishes up around my shoes and leaves them muddy. Over the week the weather has gone from a fine mist to overcast with light showers to this, a hard, steady, ground-soaking rain and thick, heavy fog. It’s been deemed a not-great-lake week, and it’s been a while since I’ve been out on Lake Jocassee, and I’m missing it. Not for long, though. Next week looks pleasant, and the loons are calling across the lake, and Jocassee Lake Tours are running once again. Time to get out and enjoy a (dry) winter day! ~K

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