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January 22, 2024

a bridge over a body of water

So what do you do? Consider this an ongoing explanation of the mission of Jocassee Lake Tours and Jocassee Wild. Our planet is in trouble. Most all of us know that. It can be overwhelming. It seems nothing an individual does can have much effect. The problem is just too big and widespread. So what does one person do, or one small organization? Stake your claim, that’s what you can do! The world is made up of home places for all of us, so protect the one you’ve got. If we all just took good and loving care of the home we have, would not, home place by home place, the world be healing, not dying? Take on the good fights, defend the land, the sea, the wild places in your home place. It is why we do what we do. It is why we proudly associate with the Naturaland Trust, Upstate Forever, the Nature Conservancy and other local and regional organizations in the front lines of the good fray. It’s what we all can do, in one way or the other. Take on the darkness, help there be light. Join the fray.

Heading home. I know, I know. It’s 15 degrees colder and a half mile farther from a wild shore than where we are now, where we spend most Januarys. But it’s home. It’s where ‘my’ loons spend their winter. It’s where walks in wild places are around most every side road one takes. It’s where the wondrous Lake Jocassee is mostly vacated. We bird lovers and the dedicated fishermen of the lake. We call it ‘our’ lake this time of year. And it’s home. Time to get back now. See you all soon.~B

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