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Kerry McKenzie

a group of people in the water

This week, I had a serious case of FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. After 5 years of leading the Jocassee Wild Child (JWC) Adventures, I stood on the dock, helped untie the boat lines and watched the kids and their awesome guides wave back at me, saying “bye, see you later!”  It took everything in my power to not run down the dock, jump in and scream “wait for me!!!”  I didn’t want to miss a single adventure. Letting go is hard BUT we have some of the most AWESOME ‘Wild Child’ guides – Sheryl, Deborah, Steve, Betsy, Madison, David, and Matt.  This program would not be what it is today without this creative and fun team! After all the boats arrived after the big adventure, I messaged them asking “what’d ya do, where’d ya go, what’d ya see?” I thought ‘Ok team, you had fun without me, now give me my boat full of kids back!!!’ Ha!!

I can hear a 6th grade teacher saying “now Kerry, you must share!”

What I’ve heard over the past few weeks:

Kids:  “This is the best field trip ever!”

Guides:  “This is the best job ever!

Kids:  “This place is paradise!”

Guides:  “This place is heaven on earth”

Kids:  “I’ve learned so much!”

Guides:  “Jocassee is such an awesome laboratory/classroom!”

Kids & Guides singing to the tune of Frère Jacques:

“Lake Jocassee, Lake Jocassee.

We love you, We love you.

We promise to protect you,

We promise to protect you.

From now on, From now on.”


If you are singing this and have ‘stuck song syndrome’ the rest of the day – you can thank Sheryl White. ~Kerry McKenzie, Director of Jocassee Wild Child (and sometimes, the Wildest Child of all)

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