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Rainforest to Rainforest

a group of clouds in the forest

Rainforest to Rainforest!

It’s raining in Dominica, soft, fine, gentle rain, and the sun is shining through the thick tropical foliage enough to illuminate every drop. I have a view through the mountains all the way down to the Caribbean Sea from the deck outside my glamping tent. A stand of mystical kava grows on my left, to my right a set of uneven, moss-covered concrete steps leads to a small waterfall as pretty as any around. This wild and rainy land is known for some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. The many rivers have cut deep into these volcanic mountains, and to see their magnificent waterfalls one must become part monkey, part mountain goat.

Meanwhile, over in the Caribbean, sparkly bubbles dance up from quarter-sized holes in sea floor, and wherever piles of rock have tumbled to the sea, tropical fish dazzle. Sponges appear as baskets and corals look like brain. Sperm whales hang out offshore. We were lucky enough to find whales, 24 miles from shore, in the middle of that vast, deep sea, and they seemed to welcome us into their space since we had made such an effort. This tropical rainforest excursion has been brought to you compliments of Jocassee Lake Tours. Follow us on Facebook to see more of our amazing adventures!~K

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