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Lake Jocassee is a 7,500-acre (30 km2),385-foot,(117 m) deep reservoir located in northwest South Carolina created by the state in partnership with Duke Power in 1973. The lake is commonly known for the clean and cold Appalachian mountain rivers that feed the lake, keeping its waters cool and water visibilities clear...

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This Week on Lake Jocassee – April 20

BAD WEATHER. There isn’t any. Not around here, anyway. This week there were some sunny times. Just a little. Eagles soared, and vultures, and broad-winged and red-tailed hawks, riding those warm to...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – April 13

THE EAGLES ARE NESTING! Just when we had given up all hope for the eagles to return to last year’s next along the Toxaway arm of Lake Jocassee, I saw a sitting eagle, in the nest, on March 31. ...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – April 6

GETTING READY. It’s easy at first. Just the maples showing their faintly blushing  faces along the barren mountain side. Then along comes the American beech, all dressed up and fancy with their shi...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – March 30

REDRESS! It’s what us critters do this time of year. Copperheads do it, leaving their drab winter coat along some worn forest path, exchanged for such a shiny new spring look. ...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – March 23

POETRY. It’s not the words, really, but the thing described. In a painting, it’s not the colors or the brushstroke so much, but rather the beauty the artist sees and is trying to share. ...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – March 16

IT’S ABOUT TIME. If you’re an early riser, or better still, an ‘extreme early riser’, such as myself, you probably see more sunrises than most others. Alternatively, if you are a late riser, such a...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – March 9

BASS FISHING. No, not that kind--no metal-flaked characters here, strapped to motors built for Nascar -- just really big webbed feet, and a body so streamlined when underwater and underway that it ...

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